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Bypass the complexities of the IRD and get back to doing what you do best with EasyFile, the simple way to file your tax returns.

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Easy DIY
tax returns

Paying tax is inescapable. So too is the complexity, expense and stress that goes with it. That’s why we’ve put our extensive experience as tax and tech experts to good use and created EasyFile – a system that specialises in helping individuals file IR3 tax returns on earnings made through self-employment or secondary income.

We think you’ll love EasyFile.
Here’s three reasons why…

Our smart tech makes filing fast

Powered by smart technology, we tailor and auto-fill your return with real-time data so you only complete questions that are relevant to you.

Expert advice is just a click away

Live Chat gives you instant access to our in-house experts, while FAQs, articles and money management tools help you take control of your tax.

We’re affordable and accessible

We make tax easy to understand by breaking down all the jargon. And we don’t lock you in with a contract; there’s just a small, one-off filing fee.

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